We only purchase selected bicycles.

Some things to consider.

  • We like to buy complete bikes in working order.

  • If your bike is complete, but not in working order. That will affect the valuation.

Things we dont buy:

  • Brands like: Pacific, Huffy, Murray and Denali.

  • Most kids bikes

  • Bicycles missing parts.

  • Bicycles that are rusted or damaged.

  • Bicycles that have had the logos removed/painted over.

  • Types of bicycles we don’t buy: Lowriders, Recumbent bikes, Tricycles and Unicycles .

How it works

  • We buy, sell and trade selected bicycles.

  • We offer 25% cash or 50% store credit of the price we assess your bike for.

  • You do not wait for your items to sell before you receive your money, you get cash or trade on the spot.

  • Cash option is only available on the day that items are brought in, credit cannot be converted to cash at a later date.

  • We buy according to demand, condition, and inventory levels.

  • Sellers must be 18+ to sell. we require united states government issued id, or passports (accompanied by a visa as per DCA regulations) to sell. information is confidential and is never shared with outside parties nor is it ever used for promotional reasons.

  • We will donate any items left by customers, drop off must be claimed by the customer before closing the same business day.

  • Items not selected for resale will be donated to charity if not picked up by the customer on the same day that they are dropped off.

  • License # 2042792-DCA

If you are unsure if we will accept your bicycle you can text a picture to (516) 362-6916